The Animal Lovers League  

"Our mission is to provide  outreach resources for homeless pets, fund spay-neuter clinics and  promote the human-animal bond through education and community outreach." 

Your donation, big or small, will go directly toward medical care and food for the pets of caretakers who have few or no resources, homeless pets, and a huge TNR Program


Animal Lovers League
About Us

The Animal Lovers League has its headquarters in Glen Cove.  As “Operation Central”, our new venue will enable us to continue the outreach programs we have offered for over 26 years, including our creative and interactive humane education program, free spay-neuter clinics we are funding, and free Behavior Help Line. We are supporting volunteers who feed homeless animals with food as well as aiding senior citizens to enable them to keep their pets.

 Far too many animals are surrendered to shelters or euthanized due to behavioral problems  Our free Behavior Help Online endeavors to prevent this by intervening before problems become too discouraging to pet parents. Please email

Our spirit and passion to help animals burn brightly, and we constantly explore new avenues of animal welfare and continue our work on Long Island.


 In 1994...

Glen Cove's animal shelter, which was then located in an old waste-water treatment facility, was sadly in need of renovation and a strong adoption program.  Euthanasia rates were about 99%.  Hearing the cries of compassionate community members, then Mayor Tom Suozzi privatized the shelter and the Animal Lovers League (ALL) was established with Joan Phillips, a volunteer, serving as the director. On December 12, 1998, ALL celebrated its grand opening at  the location on Shore Road.  Through the years Phillips and co-founders Ruth DiChiara and Ellie D'Amico, along with the shelter's remarkable team of volunteers  made an extraordinary effort to maintain the values of their mission statement. The Animal Lovers League was Nassau County's first  privatized municipal shelter. Through the donations and volunteer efforts of a caring community we provided exceptional care and attention to their canine and feline residents.  Skilled adoption counselors dedicated themselves to super matches of pet to individual or family.

The city did not pay a single taxpayer dollar for the food, medical care (including pets hit by cars) and spay-neuter services provided by the Animal Lovers League. All funds were raised through donations from board members, donors and grants.  The city paid only for A.L.L. to have skilled animal welfare officers covering 24/7 365-days to pick up stray, injured or dead animals and to provide licensing services to the city. 

 When abandoned and abused animals were in need of a place to call home, The Animal Lovers League was there to help.  ALL paid for a professional shelter designer to plan the heated floors in the doggy den, spacious condos for felines, outdoor play areas and an air exchange system to ensure a healthy environment, where animals could comfortably wait for placement in an adoptive home or for the return of their owner. Two Animal Lovers Welfare Officers  were on duty 24/7 to rescue stray and injured animals throughout the city.  Volunteers and trainers were on hand to help "rowdy rascals" become adoptable "super pets" through positive reinforcement and clicker training.  Every single animal that came into the shelter was vet checked, de-wormed, vaccinated and of course spayed or neutered before adoption.    ALL was the first  privatized municipal shelter in  Nassau County.

When our contract was not renewed after 20 years, the Animal Lovers League found another shelter to help.  Our outreach programs are still operating and are we are funding a free spay-neuter program for community cats in areas with few or no resources, as well as providing food and pet medical care for those in need.

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Animal Lovers League:  


   Co-founders:  Joan Phillips, Pres.
Ruth DiChiara, Sec,Treas
Founded November 1994    


Patricia Ibsen

.                                                                                                            Keith Ibsen

Virginia Higgins

Board Members Emeritus:

Bernard Klappersack PhD

Joan Digby, PhD


Our board is totally volunteer and consists of the founders of the Animal Lovers League and other outstanding and dedicated members who share our mission.
We thank them for their devoted service and support.
Correspondence can be addressed to them at:
Animal Lovers League
16 Edwards Lane
Glen Cove, NY 11542


Animal Lovers League is a 501(c)(3) organization and financial reports are available from the NYS Department of Charities or upon request